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Travel Quick Hair Drying Head Towel Wrap

Travel Quick Hair Drying Head Towel Wrap

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Travel Quick Hair Drying Head Towel Wrap

Travel Quick Hair Drying Head Towel Wrap

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $11.97
Regular price $11.97 Sale price $21.99
SAVE 45% Sold out
Speed up your locks drying time without the harmful heat using this quick hair drying head towel wrap!
This towel hair wrap adopts an extra-absorbent feature which successfully soaks all excess moisture to naturally quicken dry time. It offers an ultra-smooth, gentle fabric that eliminates friction, tugging, or ruining the hair’s natural body texture. Preventing any breakages like split ends, frizzing, snapping, fallouts, and such. Moreover, this hair drying towel also saves you from the need of blow drying heat which only leaves the tresses damaged and dull. Suitable for all hair types, including straight, curled, coiled, and wavy of different lengths and volumes. No worries as the towel can absorb from a maximum 600 ml without leaking or damping clothes.    
The hair drying towel provides a built-in handy button and loop that enables it to be secured in place even as you move around. Allowing you to do various activities while waiting shortly for your hair to dry without the towel constantly slipping or falling off. This hair wrap is applicable for hand washing or be stashed in a washing machine to be cleaned and remove odors. Made with premium, super-absorbent microfiber that can withstand years of daily use and washes without linting, fading, or tearing. 

Why wait for hours for your wet tresses to dry off when you can use this quick hair drying head towel wrap!

  • Super Hair Drying
    A mini microfiber towel with a superior absorbing quality that is specially designed to be wrapped around the hair and give it rapid, natural drying. Saving you from the need to wait countless hours for your fresh, damp tresses to dry off only to leave them damaged when using your regular, rough towel. No worries as this hair towel can effectively hold up to an impressive 600 ml of liquid without leaking. You can confidently wear it through your hair and wait for them to dry out with not a single drop of liquid flowing or damping your clothes. 
  • Gentle For All Hair Types
    This quick hair drying towel is ultimately smooth and soft to touch which ensures that no friction, tugging or snagging would be caused. Eliminating the risk of hair breakage like split ends, frizzing, fallouts, texture damaged, and so on. It can even stay on the hair for a prolonged period without ruining your tresses’ straightness or natural curls. What’s more? This drying towel can be used daily anytime unlike blow dryers that only damage the health and shine of your strands with their harmful heat. 
  • Perfect Non-Slip Hold
    The towel hair wrap comes with a handy button style that enables you to lock the fabric firmly and stably stays in place. It can handle all hair style, lengths, and volume without the towel falling off or shifting even as you move around and do some activities while waiting. Perfect whether you're cooking, reading books, watching TVs, doing makeup, cleansing, sweeping floors, or playing video games as you dry your hair. Simply wrap it around the hair after washing, anchor and then twist the towel until it reaches the button, fasten it to secure, and let the hair drying game begin!
  • Portable and Washable
    This microfiber head towel wrap is totally lightweight and it can be folded easily into a smaller size. Allowing it to be stashed neatly to almost all bags without taking up too much space. Great when you're out for vacation, outings, sleepovers, business trips, travels, hotels, dormitories, and more possibilities. The hair drying towel can be safely hand washed or cleaned in a washing machine to avoid any bacterial and odor contamination. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, hair-friendly microfiber fabric material that boasts an excellent moisture absorbing and rapid-drying performance. It can withstand years of daily usage and multiple washes without wearing out, linting, or losing its super absorbing capabilities.
  • Material: Super-Absorbent Microfiber
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Green / Purple / Khaki
  • 1 x Quick Hair Drying Head Towel Wrap
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