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Magic Caulk Tape

Magic Caulk Tape

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Magic Caulk Tape

Magic Caulk Tape

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $29.99
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Keep your house from the invasive and harmful mold build-ups with this anti-mildew caulk tape! 
This caulk tape roll can successfully resist the penetration of water, oil, moisture, and even dirt and air. Providing every wall or floor gaps, items, and other surfaces an excellent protection to fight off the accumulation of molds, mildews, and dirts. It even helps to keep your space spotless and automatically prolongs the quality and life services of your walls or items. Moreover, the caulk strip offers an ultra-strong back adhesive that can impressively stick through different surfaces types entirely secured. You can even effortlessly wipe it off to clean and remove all residues, splatters and stains.

The anti-mildew tape is flexible and it comes with a middle crease that can be folded into 90° for an optimum sealing in the seams between walls. Allowing you to smoothly adhere it through corners and curves without bubbles entering through. Ideal for bathtubs, toilets, sinks, stoves, windows, walls, and other surfaces that easily get mildews and molds. Simply clean the surface you need to stick on, remove the back film, adhere the caulk tape firmly and cut off the excess, then wait for it to dry off and you're done. No more caulking glues or time-consuming installation needed! 

  • Excellent Instant Sealing ✨
    A highly effective sealant tape that provides impressive water resistant properties which can completely repel moisture, oil, water, dirt, and air. It protects holes or gaps between walls and floors, other surfaces from household items, and even cracks around window frames. Preventing them from accumulating molds, mildews, and dirts to keep your space perfectly neat and tidy. This caulk strip can also automatically help in prolonging the life services of your household items and surfaces. 
  • Powerful Adhesiveness ✨
    This handy anti-mildew caulk tape is constructed with a waterproof PE material that features a latex-based back adhesive. It utilizes excellent rubber elasticity, stretching, and an ultra-strong stickiness that can hold up for years without weakening unlike the standard caulk. Moreover, the caulk strip can adhere well on a variety of surfaces and seals quickly with not a single air or bubbles entering through. It even withstand heat and fire, totally unbudge and can be cleaned effortlessly to avoid germs and odor build-ups. Ideal when you're in the kitchen or bathroom so you can just wipe off oils, seasoning and other liquid splashes and stains anytime. 
  • Wide Application ✨
    The self-adhesive caulk supplies an exceptional flexibility which allows it to freely bend and curve through corners. It offers a crease in the middle that could be conveniently folded into 90° for an optimum sealing in the seams between walls. Suitable for bathtubs, toilets, sinks, stoves, windows, walls, and other surfaces that needed protection. Available in 3 sleek colors, including brown, black and white which can flawlessly match to various walls and surfaces style. You can choose from 3.2m*3.8cm and 3.2m*2.2cm sizes to meet all of your different needs.
  • Easy Peel and Stick ✨
    Seal up every gap and corner without the messy caulk gun or other complicated installations needed! Simply wipe clean the surface you want to stick in, peel off the protective film from the tape then press it firmly onto the surface to adhere firmly. After that, just cut off the excess strip and wait for it to dry off or you can use a hairdryer for a much quicker operation and done. 
  • Premium Quality ✨
    Made of high-quality, thickened PVC material that boasts waterproof, mold-proof and oil-proof performance. It does not shrink or loosen adhesiveness even after continuous years of use. Additionally, the caulk tape is highly traceless so you can swiftly remove it off anytime without leaving in marks or messy residues behind. 
  • Material: 
  • Size: 3.2m*3.8cm / 3.2m*2.2cm
  • 1 x Magic Caulk Tape 
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