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Rapid-Cooling Summer Ice Gel Patch

Rapid-Cooling Summer Ice Gel Patch

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Rapid-Cooling Summer Ice Gel Patch

Rapid-Cooling Summer Ice Gel Patch

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $12.97
Regular price $12.97 Sale price $25.99
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Keep your cool even on a hot sunny day with this rapid-cooling summer ice gel patch!
This 10-piece pack of gel pad effectively absorbs excess heat away and promotes an instant unparalleled pleasant cooling effect. Allowing you to naturally lower your body temperature even during or after a long exposure to intense summer heat. Moreover, these cooling strips can also efficiently alleviate fever, sunstroke, heatstroke, fatigue, drowsiness, hot flashes, headaches, minor swelling, aches, and more possibilities. No worries as these ice gel patches can securely adhere on the skin to prevent slipping or repositioning even as you move around. Suitable to be placed on different body parts, including forehead, arms, back, legs, wrist, neck, and such.
The instant cooling patches promote a long-lasting performance that maintains ice-cold for a maximum of 8 hours. Each pad offers a gel-like, nice softness that can stay adhered to your skin for a prolonged period without causing harm or any discomfort. Furthermore, these cooling pads do not also leak or leave any greasy residues behind unlike with other products. They can be even removed smoothly without nasty stinging burns and unwanted red markings. Made with  special cooling ingredients that can be used on any skin-types of all ages to ensure safety and health at all times. 
Soothe sunheat away and regulate your body in no time using only this rapid-cooling summer ice gel patch!
  • Instant Cooling Effect
    A 10-piece pack of gentle cooling gel patch designed with advanced ingredients that actively promotes an excellent cooling relief in no time. It successfully targets heat and pulls it away from the body by absorbing all the excess warmth. Furthermore, this gel patch comes with peppermint extract which works by providing an additional cooling sensation. Allowing it to naturally and instantly lower your body’s temperature for you to stay cool and totally refresh even on a scorching day. Available in different fun summer season fruit flavors, including strawberries, watermelons, lemon, cherry, mint, and orange.
  • Long-Lasting Coolness
    Supply a pleasant ice-cold like cooling that can last from up to an impressive 8 hours long.
    Providing you that needed soothing relief and blissful chilling without easily losing stickiness and its coolness effect. You can now confidently stay cool for an extended period under the extreme heat of the sun without getting overheated or experiencing hot flashes! Simply peel-off the transparent film from the pad, adhere it on your body that needs cooling, and done. Suitable for forehead, arms, back, legs, wrist, neck, nape, and so on.
  • Widely-Used Cool Relief
    Not only regulate body temperature, but it also offers an effective refreshing relief. Perfect for soothing out fever, sunstroke, heatstroke, fatigue, drowsiness, hot flashes, headaches, and such. You can even use it for alleviating minor swellings or inflammations, toothache pains, muscle strain, and more possibilities. No worries as these cool relief pads are lightweight and conveniently compact for better portability. Each pad does not also need to be refrigerated for them to work on so you can freely stash them in a bag and use them when needed for instant relief. 
  • Highly Comfortable
    Feature an ultra-soft gel strip that adheres gently to the skin on various body parts that need cool relief. Each pads are lightweight and they do not create messy leakings while cooling or leave any greasy residues unlike other products. Providing you the best cooling relief without sacrificing your overall comfort. Moreover, the cooling gel patches can stay secure on the skin and will not budge or displace even with any excessive movement. Ideal even when you're cycling, jogging, working out, hiking, cooking, and so much more.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality polymer water absorbent resin that boasts exceptional special cooling properties. The cooling gel patches are completely non-toxic and applicable to be used for all skin-types. They also do not emit any harmful, funky odors to ensure overall safety and health. Additionally, thes ice gel pads are suitable for children, teens, adults, and elderly! 


  • Size: 5x12cm (Trimmable)
  • Scent: Strawberry, watermelon, lemon, cherry, mint, orange


  • 10pcs / 20pcs of Rapid-Cooling Summer Ice Gel Patch

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