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HotDesire™ Pheromone Men Perfume

HotDesire™ Pheromone Men Perfume

  4.7 | 12,136 Reviews

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HotDesire™ Pheromone Men Perfume

HotDesire™ Pheromone Men Perfume

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $21.97
Regular price $21.97 Sale price $28.99
SAVE 24% Sold out
Let’s hear it from our happy and satisfied customers who tried HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume!   
"It's uncanny. When I dab this HotDesire Perfume a little bit on my neck, every time, the same day, my wife goes crazy, this is real. My wife is not the most passionate woman... But when I wear this, there is a marked difference, let’s just say you’ll be the happiest guy every night! Dude, you should try this!"

David Campbell, 44, Fort Myers, Florida

The HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume is formulated with the most potent pheromones and extracts available that can help improve your relationships and chemistry with women. It enhances your pheromone production naturally which elevates your attractiveness and appeal while helping you smell and feel good.    
Backed by Scientific Studies

Scientists in osmology have determined that both men and women are attracted to each other through pheromones, this chemical stimulates sexual attraction, desire, hormone levels, and even fertility when released. And through studies and testing, Pheromone perfumes have been proven to elevate pheromone levels. This makes it easier to attract the opposite gender and develop chemistry quickly.

What are Pheromones?
Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They trigger and activate sensual arousal in other individuals. It serves as a sensual mode of communication between humans through the use of their natural odors. The body secretes these odors out in the open and they influence other individuals' behaviors.

 Certain body scents are directly connected to the human attraction. The ability to smell pheromones activates our olfactory system which helps us to subconsciously recognize a potential compatible mate for reproduction. This is because of our response to a specific individual's pheromones. It can signal something more positive than the odor of someone else. And that's how pheromones help you get attracted to someone and become more attractive to someone.

Pheromone Elevating Perfume

The formulation of the perfume elevates and strengthens the scent and potency of your pheromones when applied to your skin. Once the contact and connection are made between your pheromones and the perfume, you will emit a stronger positive odor. The molecular fusion of your pheromones and the perfume will help you attract, seduce, and arouse women more effectively.

How does HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume work?
Our perfume is designed to enhance the attractive genetic markers that can be found in the pheromones. The increased potency of your natural pheromones from the HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume will grab the attention of any woman passing by you. One smell of your scent will give them sensual cues subconsciously. This makes them want to get close to you and experience you completely. And that makes any woman interested in you with just a whiff of your pheromones combined with our perfume.
WOW, this made my girl go crazy! The first time I sprayed this to my neck, she was casually touching my arm and my leg and my neck all throughout the meal. My girlfriend is more affectionate when I wear the scent. I can also say that this made our every night time an intimate one. I am completely satisfied with this product and so as my girl!”

Rob Griffin, 29, Eugene, Oregon

What makes HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume so effective?
  • Raises Natural Pheromone Production
  • Improves Attractiveness and Appeal
  • Provides Instant Chemistry and Attracts More Women
  • Boosts Seductiveness with Seductive Scent
  • Inspires Stronger Affection and Arousal from Women
  • Gets you more attention from women
  • Elevates Confidence and Romance
  • Extra Strong Formulation with Potent Scent
More of our satisfied customer!
“I’m a broker I put this perfume on every day, and I keep one bottle at the gym, one at my office and one at home. This changes people’s feelings so easily into just willingness to listen or to be involved and this helped a lot in my field of work. It opens up avenues of communication.  Let’s put it this way; it also makes ladies friendlier and a lot more touchy. Definitely works.”
Frank Morris, 42, Killeen, Texas
“If you need some attention from the females, or want your girlfriend climbing all over you.. this is for you! Tried this for a couple of days and noticed a huge difference in my girlfriend’s affection level. More than once, she commented, "I love your perfume". She also wanted to stay closer to me in bed! The fragrance is also very light yet powerful enough to pull your partner closer to you.
Harry Stevens, 34, Enterprise, Nevada
“Not usually the center of attention, more of a blend in with the crowd kind of guy. With this product it seemed like despite normally blending in with the crowd, women approaching me more than usual and being more " friendly" then usual as well. I even got a compliment from one of the hottest girls at my work. I was so surprised but not surprised since I really believe in this perfume and its effects.”

Kevin Wagner, 36, Downey, California

  • Net Content: 50ml
  • Fragrance Descriptors: Masculine, Bergamot Myrtle, Coffee Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Leather Cedar
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  • HotDesire Pheromone Men Perfume
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