Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil
Hip Plump Capric Oil

Hip Plump Capric Oil

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When squats and other targeted exercises aren't giving you noticeable results, Butt Plumping Capric Oil can naturally help you get the firmer, fuller butt you've always dreamed of.Butt Enlargement Capric Oil is formulated with capric acid to enhance and reshape the buttocks at a deeper level while increasing the elasticity of the skin around the applied area.

User Comments:
Isabella Grant, England
If you're looking for a fuller, fuller butt, Butt Plumping Capric Oil is a great choice. This oil gave me the peachy, plump butt I had longed for while other lotions and topical solutions failed to achieve what I wanted. This product also smells great, goes on smoothly, absorbs completely, and leaves my skin smooth without any greasy residue. I use it consistently 2 to 3 times a day to get results. It does indeed add fullness but requires consistent use and take into account the time it takes to produce the desired results!
Nicole Davis, United States
I really love Butt Plumping Capric Oil! The herbal scent is light and pleasant. I noticed that the skin on my hips and buttocks was soft and moisturized when I used this oil. But the main reason I would repurchase it is because I notice a huge difference in firmness and overall roundness when using it, and exercising just makes it more effective.
Libby Rogers, Australia
Butt Plumping Capric Oil is incredible. Like anything else, it takes time and patience. I have flat hips that don't look good in anything tight, and this gave me the rocking effect I wanted in just a few weeks of use. It took me three months to achieve the amazing curves of my butt. You should definitely give this oil a try!
Capric acid, derived from coconut oil, acts as a major growth promoter, helping to increase the cells' lipid retention capacity and stimulate the production of phytoestrogens. It penetrates into the deep tissue of your buttocks, speeding up the production of fat cells and tightening your muscles, making your buttocks firmer, more dynamic, and larger.

The hormone-free, oil-based formula is also enriched with organic grapeseed oil to tighten sagging skin around the buttocks and buttocks, providing a lifting effect and improving skin's plumpness and smoothness. Increased skin elasticity can reduce the appearance of cellulite and lift sagging, loose skin that makes the buttocks appear flat or saggy.

Additionally, grapeseed oil has skin-brightening effects and evens out skin tone, making the skin around the buttocks look radiant and even-toned, while menthol stimulates growth and leaves a refreshing and soothing feeling on the skin when applied.

Continued use of Butt Enlargement Capric Oil will give you a peachy, silky, defined butt that will boost your confidence!

  • Restore the elasticity of butt muscles and make your butt look more attractive
  • Lift sagging, flat and saggy buttocks by tightening the skin around the buttocks
  • Capric acid oil formula allows deep product penetration to nourish muscles and promote butt growth
    • Contains organic grape seed oil to increase skin elasticity, moisture and smoothness, providing firmness for a chiseled buttocks, promote the production of fat tissue, making your butt firm and plump, brightens dark spots, blemishes and butt acne, reduce the appearance of cellulite

    "It's best to choose a butt and butt enhancement product with an all-natural formula, such as Butt Plumping Capric Oil. This lightweight oil tightens and sculpts the buttocks and buttocks, creating a curvaceous shape. While some topical creams and Some ointments can enhance your cells' ability to store more lipids, making your butt look rounder and more perky, but others can tighten the skin, making it look smoother and brighter. This amazing oil both It does both. I highly recommend it!” - Freya McCarthy, Beauty & Lifestyle Features Editor

    Amber Macdonald shares her experience using Butt Plumping Capric Oil.

    I want to get a fuller butt without gaining weight or having surgery. So I purchased Butt Enlargement Capric Oil to complement my lower body workouts in hopes of achieving a curvier, rounder butt.

    After I shower, I take a small amount of the oil and start applying it to my butt and buttocks area and massage until fully absorbed. I felt a slight warmth and tingling sensation, but nothing major. It does feel relaxing. After a week of consistent use, this stuff has made the skin on my butt smooth and tight. The dimensions have not changed significantly yet. 

    After a few weeks, I noticed that my hips and buttocks looked more defined and toned. It definitely went up in size as I could barely fit into the jeans. Wow!
    I'm surprised. Butt Plumping Capric Oil has not only made my butt rounder and larger, but it has also reduced cellulite in my thighs, buttocks and butt area. The skin in these areas looks more even and feels firm and elastic. I like it! I will definitely recommend this to my friends who have been asking me if I have had anything done to my butt. Thanks!
    Product specifications:
    Net weight: 50ml
    Shelf life: 2 years
    Core ingredients: capric acid, organic grape seed oil, menthol
    Packing list:
    1 x  Butt Plumping Capric Oil