Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket
Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket
Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket
Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket
Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket

Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket

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 Keep every food particle and stray items from ending up to your sink using this multifunctional elephant sink drain basket!

This sink strainer features a cute elephant-shape with a smart hollowed bottom to promote a quick and optimized draining. It can effectively trap all food discards and particles from passing through which can eliminate the nasty backflow and clogging issues. The drain basket comes with a non-slip elephant trunk hook that can fit and be easily attached through all sink faucets. No worries as it has a space-saving design which enables it to make full use of your sink corner without causing obstruction. Additionally, this sink drainer can also serve as a basket for rinsing fruits, vegetables, noodles or as a caddy for storing sponges and scrubber.        

The multifunctional strainer provides a special hook curvature to give it an increased gripping and stability. Allowing it to perfectly filter weighty residues without breaking, loosening or even falling off. Moreover, this elephant sink basket can be smoothly removed and reattached so you can freely dump all filtered scraps anytime when filled. Made with premium materials that can withstand years of daily use without rusting and wearing-off. Available in color navy, baby blue, baby pink and yellow which can surely make every kitchen sink more fun.  

Never deal with a clogged sink anymore with this multifunctional elephant sink drain basket! 
  • Fun Sink Drain Basket
    A unique elephant shaped corner sink strainer that adopts a dense patterned hollowed bottom for maximum draining. It successfully allows any liquid to pass through quickly and smoothly straight to the sink while trapping all food discards and other debris. No worries as its hollowed design can catch even the tiniest of scraps like egg shells, rice, noodles, and such. Saving you from the problem of water backflows and troublesome sink drain blockages everytime you wash. What’s more? This elephant basket’s lovely and colorful appearance can make every kitchen sink more whimsy. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    Provides an elephant-like trunk hook that can fit and easily mount against all sink faucets without scratching or damaging. It features a compact, quadrilateral structure which enables it to make full use of your sink corner without occupying any other extra space. Allowing you to freely clean dishes, rinse vegetables, wash your face or do toothbrush and so on without experiencing any obstruction. The sink drain facilitates great ventilation to promote a faster drying process and keep it more clean and hygienic.
  • Excellent Stability
    Has a lengthened trunk-like hook that is designed with a special curvature for better gripping and stability. It even offers a thickened body and excellent support which allows it to filter out weighty food scraps. Preventing it from breaking, dropping, sagging or loosening even when it's already filled with residues. Moreover, this sink drainer’s hook design also makes it easier to remove and quickly dump all scraps to your garbage.
  • Widely Used
    Not only for draining liquids, but it can be also used as a kitchen caddy or as a handy basket for rinsing. Ideal when you're cleaning fruits, vegetables, noodles or when you need an accessible place for storing sponges, scrubber and soap.

  • Premium Quality 
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic material with an exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. It is completely odorless and it can come into direct contact without toxic leaching to ensure safety and health at all times. This versatile elephant sink basket can be easily cleaned with water and soap to prevent any bacterial accumulation. Additionally, it can withstand daily water and moisture exposure without rusting or wearing-off. 
  • Material: Food-grade ABS
  • Size: 23 x 17cm
  • Color: Yellow / Navy / Baby pink / Baby blue
  • 1 x Elephant Kitchen Sink Drainage Basket