Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan
Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan

Coolify™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan

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Beat the blazing heat of summertime and keep coolness on-the-go using this portable hanging neck cooling fan!

Coolify™ neck fan is equipped with dual-core cooling performance for maximum and continuous rapid ventilation. Featuring an advanced 78 air outlets to provide a surround and hands-free efficient distribution of airflow all around your neck. It has convenient 720° flexing qualities which enable you to angle it directly to your needed area without deforming or breaking. What’s more? The wearable fan is highly lightweight and it has comfortable fitting for all-day use to avoid neck strain, fatigue, and other discomfort. Suitable for traveling, vacation, road trips, commuting, camping, picnics, school, workouts, and more possibilities.   The portable neck fan supports 3 fan speeds that you can adjust anytime in just a press depending on your cooling needs. It offers a low noise fanning to prevent disturbance and a smart bladeless design for a much safer use at all times. This neck fan supplies a solid battery life that can give you an all day long stable coolness with only a quick hour of power boosting time. Perfect for any USB type cord and be charged on computers, phone chargers, power banks, laptops, and such. 

Experience an all-day pleasant coolness even on the hottest of days with this portable hanging neck cooling fan! 

  • 720° Surround Cooling 
    A wearable, bladeless designed fan that you can hang onto your neck to give off a refreshing, rapid cooling. It features dual-core, powerful wind performance and is surrounded with an advanced 78 air outlets. Providing you an efficient distribution of cool breeze flow all around your neck and up to ensure that you stay fresh and sweat-free even under the scorching sun. Furthermore, it also comes with 720° flexing qualities that you can adjust and angle directly to your needed area. No worries as this neck fan is professionally-constructed with the user’s 100% safety in mind. Its bladeless style can prevent fingers or hair strands from getting caught on, making it more ideal and secure to be used even by children and the elderly. 

  • Highly Portable and Comfortable
    Adopts a convenient, ultra-lightweight design that you won’t even feel around your neck. It is completely soft to touch and can stay on your neck for a prolonged period without experiencing strain, fatigue, or other discomfort. Allowing you to enjoy and experience a maximum coolness totally hands-free anytime, anywhere. Suitable when you're traveling in hot weather, summer vacation, walking in public places, commuting, camping, picnics, school, workouts, and more possibilities.   

  • 3 Fan Speed Mode
    Offers a single-button operation with 3 adjustable speeds that you can change swiftly anytime in just a press. Simply do a short press for first speed wind and experience nice, refreshing mode. 2 short press for second speed with a slightly stronger fanning mode and lastly, 3 short press for third speed to experience an extra strong ventilation and instant coolness. You can now freely adjust speed depending on your likings or the temperature of the environment you're at. 
  • Low Noise Design
    Promotes an upgraded technology that allows it to produce great power and reduce the level of fan noise. It lets you stay cool and use even the highest wind speed while operating soundlessly. You can use it in public spaces and even when you're studying or working without causing disruption. Moreover, this neck fan is also safe to use while walking outside as it lets you hear more of your surroundings and be aware of what's happening.

  • Long-Lasting Coolness
    Supplies a built-in 800 mAh battery that can last for a prolonged couple of hours of operating time without weakening. It offers you a satisfying lasting coolness with only a quick hour of charging time to fully boost up. This neck fan is applicable with any USB type cord and can be powered through computer, phone chargers, power banks, laptops, and so on. 


  • Material: ABS, silicone
  • Capacity: 800mA h  
  • Charging port: USB
  • Size: 220 x 198 x 60mm (highly flexible to fit neck size)


  • 1 x Coolify ™ Portable Neck Cooling Fan