Auto & Leather Renovated Coating

Auto & Leather Renovated Coating

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Make that vehicle look as good as new with this new innovative product! This magical spray will erase that aged look on that automobile seat and will give a revitalized, shiny, and fresh look that every car owner wants to achieve.
This premium renovating formula will protect that car's interior and exterior from aging with an effective coating that prevents discoloration and fading.
Buy this product and save a lot of money on the renovation!

  • No more faded leather - Penetrates into aging and faded leather seat. Effective in restoring original color and brightness.

  • Anti-UV Protection - Not only restores that plastic trimmings to its original shade but also protects against fading and discoloration. Features long-term protection.

  • 100% Chemical-Free & Safe - 100% Natural ingredients! Made from aloe, olive oil, and lanolin. Harmless, odor-free, and safe to apply to that car seat!

  • Multipurpose - Perfect for both interior and exterior automobile parts. Can be applied to leather, fabric, glass, etc. and for all vehicle types such as cars, vans, motorcycles, bicycles, and more

  • Practical & Economical - Save you a lot of money on refurbishing.

Ingredients: Natural & Eco-friendly Essences
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